CyCast™ is a cyberattack forecasting system. The system is intended to monitor the Social, Political, Economical, and Cultural (SPEC) factors worldwide, analyze the related cyberattacks that occur, evaluate the patterns of the attack and build a security model to assess the likelihood of similar attacks that may occur in the future. This system is currently in development stage.

Over the past quarter century cyberspace has rapidly expanded, touching almost every aspect of human existence. Development of large, complex cyber infrastructures based on distributed computer, information, and communications technologies has led to close associations between entities of the cyber and the physical world.

We believe analyzing potential correlations between historical and current SPEC events and cyberattacks could provide valuable insights along cyberattack dimensions, including their origin, agent, means, motive, and potential targets/victims.

This project has ongoing work along several dimensions:

  • Cyberattack event collection and categorization using SPEC factors
  • SPEC Ontology building and refinement for understanding cyber attacks
  • Temporal event tracking and analysis
  • Cyberattack likelihood estimation using fact proposition space based reasoning